We help to elevate your future potential with an empowered data environment!

We believe in a world that profits maximally from data that is available and usable, in all areas of society. 
Providing comfort by using state-of-the-art technologies and coordinating implementation of FAIR tools with in-depth knowledge of and extensive experience in using the latest FAIR data techniques.
Helping to make data and data-applications readily available. In the most effective and efficient way possible.
Together with FAIR frontrunners in the field of FAIR data like GOFAIR, Health RI and DTL.

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Business driven - Independent - Trust



We align business and data strategy and we are not driven by technology. This means we look at the core values of an organization and work from those values towards pragmatic and easy to implement solutions. 

We work from the strategic and human-centered perspective of an organization. With broad knowledge of management and executive theory and practice.

The solutions we arrange or provide should always

  • have a clear added value;

  • be future-proof and robust;

  • help in achieving strategic goals.

  • The training we arrange or provide should always:

  • offer the best available training material;

  • be done by the best (black-belt) trainers;

  • result in tailor-made training to provide the best knowledge and expertise for a specific company.


  • We operate as an independent partner to your organisation.

  • We work together with many organisations, but we are a completely independent company.

  • We do, for instance, follow the FAIR Guiding Principles as stated in the Nature publication .

  • And we are a partner of Dutch Techcenter For Lifesciences DTL and work closely together with the GOFAIR Foundation.

  • But we are not depending on any of these organisations for funding or in any other way.


  • Short and efficient development cycles when developing FAIR solutions.

  • Time management is crucial to us.

  • We aim to spend as little time on implementing FAIR solutions as possible. With respect for the (capacity of the) organization at hand.  Not ‘overloading’ an organization.

  • Therefore we deliver on time, according to clear and well defined specifications with highly specialized professionals.

  • Both in the field of FAIR technology as management consultancy.